Interactive Videos

What does that actually mean?

Offer the viewers of your video more than the conventional Play, Pause and Repeat features. Turn passive viewers into active participants, by letting your viewers engage with the virtual action and even choose how the story unfolds.

You can find an example of an interactive video here

Possible Applications

Controlling the course of action

Videos are divided into different chapters. Thanks to real-time selection, viewers can watch what they are most interested in by selecting the relevant chapter.


Interactive videos are a great way of testing what has been learned as part of the viewing experience. Questions about learning and understanding can be integrated into the video. Individual chapters can be viewed again, making it possible for viewers to repeat content without having to watch the entire video again.

Personalized appeals

Integrate personalised appeals targeting different groups into your video. Determine which content should be visible to which target group.

Why interactive videos?


Higher click-through rates


Higher emotional involvement from viewers


More attention from viewers


Much higher learning and recall value


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